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Question Box

Jul 26, 2021

What a musical theatre-filled episode we have for you today! We're joined by Emily Clark and Christi Esterle, who both create content about musical theatre AND co-host the podcast "Dear Friends" which Kate and I were recently on! Join us as we talk about what happens when you're actually a contestant on Jeopardy, the...

Jul 19, 2021

This week we have an extremely colorful episode with a great storyteller, content creator Matt Baume! We talk about outlandish sexual roleplay situations, Kate’s gastrointestinal woes, the perils of digging oneself deep into a lie involving the TV show “Clarissa Explains it All” … and more!

Jul 14, 2021

Whoops, I goofed (Brent here). I was in such a hurry to get episode #52 out, I forgot to mention our top-tier supporters in the midroll. So as an apology offering, here are your names AS WELL AS some bonus content from early 2020! Enjoy.

Jul 14, 2021

This week we’re joined by a legendary YouTube “Let’s Play” personality, Timothy Bishop AKA “NintendoCapriSun”! Are you ready to feel strangely wistful about working retail? Or shocked by someone’s video game preferences? Or seduced by the crunchiest baritone voice in all of YouTube-dom? Of course you are!

Jul 5, 2021

Today’s guest is Kate’s old friend and Brent’s new friend Georgia, who graciously agreed to be our guest on extremely short notice! We talk about a first date that went from slightly awkward to super-gross, the personality traits of musical theatre lovers, and just what “squirt” is made of (no, we don’t mean...